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Hello, and welcome to your legacy!

I am busy at work creating a new website, new instagram feed and new facebook page. I am thrilled to start this sparkling chapter. My desire is to fill these media sites with the many gorgeous images I have taken over the years of families in Boulder, Superior, Louisville and Erie.

What is in it for you?!

I want to know what you want to capture... freckles sprinkled across noses, missing teeth on those mischievous elementary schoolers, baby fingers and toes of those precious newborns?! Maybe it is an engagement to the love of you life! Or your high school senior before they take flight into that big world. There are so many moment to commemorate! I do not want them to slip by, I want to help you keep them forever.

Every image on this site, I have had to travel back in time to find. I have explored old hard drives, flash cards or online clouds where your images are preserved. Newborns I have photographed are now in third grade, kiddos who were in elementary school are in high school, high school students are now college students or graduated and working young adults! Couples who have gotten engaged are married with their first kiddo. Life moves so quick!

I am so blessed, and hope to always be blessed, to take your moments and provide beautiful portraits you can always keep. A legacy of memories you can pass on to your kiddos as they age and as they have kiddos of their own.

It there is anything I have learned in my own adventures raising kiddos... time is fleeting. My first baby will go to college this year. My youngest is going to be turning 10 this summer (gasp! double digits)!

Out of all the investments I have made for my family, photographs of the life we have lived, a legacy to pass on, has been one of the most important.

I truly hope I can do the same for you!

Welcome to Legacy Photography!

I have been creating timeless narratives in photography for over a decade.

Please reach out and book a session!

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